The Black Budget reminds us that budgets can destroy political careers. This article looks at the Black Budget to understand why it was so unpopular. 

March 2022 inflation results officially show what we already knew. Prices of necessities like food, housing and transport all increased, putting households under pressure

Māori authority businesses continue to display resilience in the face of economic turmoil.

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Our latest mahi


Demand for aged residential care is forecast to increase by an estimated 15,000 beds by 2030 but an unsustainable funding model is threatening fair access to care.


New research into the migrant pay gap in New Zealand has revealed concerning inequities between migrants from different countries of birth.

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A series that shares the common themes that were discussed at our green pro bono focus groups.


Our final article in our pro-bono series on kaupapa, accountability, and value takes a look back.