Electric vehicles increasingly popular with kiwi drivers

Sunday September 30, 2018 Merewyn Groom
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There is a joke that goes “How do you know if someone owns an EV? They tell you about it”. It seems that those who have made the switch are enthusiastic advocates for their zero emissions transport choice. Get two or more EV owners together and you can bet they will be discussing charging setups, kilometer range and battery state of health.

Will animal protein be the answer to future food demand?

Saturday June 30, 2018 Hillmare Schulze
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The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and Plant and Food Research have released a joint report: The evolution of plant protein, evaluating consumer response in June this year. The report was commissioned to assess consumer responses to protein and highlight the potential impacts to the New Zealand agricultural industry.

Less profit is good business?

Wednesday September 20, 2017 Julian Williams
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Social enterprises are sweeping the world.  Here in New Zealand, Christchurch is hosting the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) in September 2017. People who lead these enterprises are called social entrepreneurs. They run profitable businesses but they are not exclusively concerned with making a profit. But why? Do they not have to pay dividends to investors? Well no, because the investors are not interested in dividends! All surpluses are applied for growth and development of the social enterprise, so that it can achieve social and environmental benefits for people and the environment. That’s the value proposition for investors.   

Lions supporters spend up large

Friday July 14, 2017 Julian Williams
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The nation’s economic output, our gross domestic product (GDP), can be measured as a combination of personal consumption expenditure (e.g. food); investment expenditure by firms and households (e.g. machinery and houses); expenditure by the government (e.g. health services); and incomes from net exports made up from exports less imports.

Merchandise trade

Monday July 03, 2017 Konrad Hurren
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Merchandise exports have been pretty flat for around two years, with a slight uptick near the end of the last period for which we have data.

Retail sector sales buoyant

Wednesday June 07, 2017

With the continuing solid foundation of strong employment growth and tourist visitor arrivals, the retail sector remains in buoyant mood. The core sector, which excludes motor vehicle related industries, is registering sales close to 5% above those of the previous year.

Spending on the rise over the holiday period

Wednesday March 11, 2015 Masrur Alam Khan

The latest data reveals that Kiwis spent more over the last holiday season than in 2013.  The December 2014 quarter sales for both the core retail sector and the total retail industry rose by more than 4.7 percent on year-earlier levels.  The core sector measure excludes the motor vehicle sales, service and petrol sub-sectors.

Spending continues

Wednesday December 10, 2014 Masrur Alam Khan

The latest data reveals that Kiwis have spent more in 2014 than they had done in the previous year. The September 2014 quarter sales for both the core retail sector and the total retail industry increased by more than 4 percent on year-earlier levels. The core sector measure excludes the motor vehicle sales, service and petrol sub-sectors.

Retail growth positive, but headwinds remain

Tuesday October 16, 2012 Dr Adrian Slack

The latest electronic card transactions for the September quarter show that seasonally adjusted retail sales grew at 0.9 percent. This is in line with our June forecast, for annual growth of 3.5-4.0 percent. It was a bit ahead of what might be implied from the Treasury’s Monthly Economic Indicators forecast in August.

Services sector activity better than year earlier

Tuesday April 17, 2012 Kelly Dustow

Business NZ’s monthly Performance of Services Index (PSI) declined in March 2012. The seasonally-adjusted index fell 1.9 points from February to 53.9 in March 2012. Despite this fall, the PSI index is up 2.3 points on year-earlier levels.

Retail sales begin to thaw

Monday May 14, 2012

The latest retail trade stats are somewhat of a warm relief to the recent chill weather. Seasonally adjusted sales rose by1.1 percent in the last month. But the cool conditions may have contributed to the pick-up in retail sales. Clothing and softgoods sales in August had the largest increase ($14 million, 6.6 percent) across the 24 industries that StatsNZ monitors.