Net immigration now slowing strongly and will be 30,000 by end of 2019

Thursday September 06, 2018 Kel Sanderson
migration net 2008 2019

The net inflow of migrants is well past its peak of about 72,000 people a year. For calendar 2019 it is forecast to be down to 30,000 people. Excluding migration, New Zealand population has usually increased by 30,000 a year due to births less deaths. This 30,000 plus the 30,000 in 2019 from migration means our services will still be stretched.

New migration measures

Thursday August 30, 2018 Hugh Dixon
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With New Zealand Customs announcement of the removal of departure cards from November 2018, there will be a focus on the new migration measures produced by Statistics New Zealand that will replace the current measure. The current migration measure is based on the information from travellers on their intended length of stay in New Zealand recorded on the cards. To be a permanent migrant into New Zealand you need to intend to stay for at least 12 months, otherwise you are defined as a short-term visitor to New Zealand.

Our population is approaching 5 million.

Wednesday August 15, 2018 Hillmare Schulze
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The estimated resident population of New Zealand reached 4,885,300 end of June 2018, according to StatsNZ. Population change in New Zealand is calculated based on natural increase (births minus deaths) and net migration (international migrant arrivals minus departures).

New Zealand less appealing to non-citizens

Wednesday July 25, 2018 Mark Cox
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In the year to June 2018, net migration to New Zealand was 65,000 . This was significantly lower than the peak level of just over 72,300 in the middle of 2017, but it was still very high by historical standards. In fact, the net migration of 65,000 added approximately 1.3 percent to the country’s population.

4 million, 5 million, 6 million ….?

Monday August 21, 2017 Mark Cox
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Shortly after I arrived in the country early in 2003, Statistics New Zealand announced that the resident population had reached 4 million. And, who knows, I might actually have been number 4,000,000.

Net permanent migration over 70,000 for 2016

Thursday February 16, 2017 Hugh Dixon

Net migration for New Zealand reached 70,600 in the year to December 2016. The net inward migration seen in 2016 comes from 127,300 arrivals, and 56,700 departures.  As shown in the figure to the right, the last time New Zealand had annual outward migration was in the year to December 2012 when 1,200 more people left than arrived.

More migration more residents?

Tuesday May 24, 2016 Julian Williams

Net migration swelled New Zealand’s population by a record 67,619 in the 2016 March year. Quite a change from the 2012 March year, which recorded an annual net migration loss of 3,383. What happened?

Has migration reached its peak?

Tuesday July 28, 2015 Hugh Dixon

On 21st July 2015, Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) released data on the international migration for the year to June 2015. New Zealand net migration reached a new peak of 58,259 for the year to June 2015. Although, this new peak is just 437 people higher (or an increase of 0.8 percent) than the previous peak of 57,822, reached in the year to May 2015.

How net migration affects New Zealand

Tuesday November 25, 2014 Hugh Dixon

In November 2014, Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) has released data on the international migration for the year to October 2014, and for the first time ever net migration to New Zealand has reached 47,684 for the year to October 2014.

Good news in the detail of migration numbers

Tuesday October 28, 2014 Kel Sanderson

The overall picture of net permanent and long-term migration is playing out very much as we have commented for some time. The main driver of the wide cyclical fluctuations in the past has been changes in the numbers of New Zealand residents leaving, particularly for Australia. Two years ago the outflow to Australia was 56,000. This outflow has dropped and is quite flat at about 30,000 a year.

New Zealand’s net migration up in September 2013

Thursday October 24, 2013 Hugh Dixon

15,790 more people arrived in New Zealand than left, for the year ending September 2013. According to Statistics New Zealand’s September 2013 international travel and migration data, New Zealand is seeing continued gains in net permanent migration, after recovering from negative net migration in 2011 and 2012.

Kiwis continue fickle affair with Australia

Wednesday May 01, 2013 Kel Sanderson

Kiwis migrating to Australia have doubled in the last 10 years from 25,000 in 2003, to over 51,000 in the year to March 2013. The love affair with Australia is fickle, and the slightest cloud on the Australian economic horizon causes the number trekking over to thin out.

Migration inflow turns positive

Monday March 04, 2013

New Zealand registered a small, yet positive, net migration inflow for the year to January 2013. New Zealand attracted 85,659 people for permanent and long -term migration. This compared with 85,647 departures for the year, which are 1,077 people less than a year earlier.