Gardens supporting the Taranaki economy

Friday December 15, 2017 Sam Green

BERL was recently commissioned to provide economic analysis of the 2017 Powerco Taranaki Garden Festival.


The 2017 Festival included 47 public and private gardens across Taranaki, attracting 3,500 people to the Taranaki region. The Festival is a popular destination for travellers with 69 percent of attendees coming to the Festival from outside the Taranaki Region, some from overseas, staying for an average of four nights.


Visitors to Taranaki for the 2017 Festival stayed longer, visited more gardens and spent more money than in 2016, collectively spending $2.9 million.  The boost in spending from visitors and Festival administration generated GDP of $2.5 million for the Taranaki Region, which would support the equivalent of 44 full time jobs for a year.


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